Wooden Kitchen Countertops-what Are The Characteristics Of Wooden Kitchen Countertops

- May 05, 2019-

Wooden kitchen countertops-features of solid wood countertops The solid wood countertop feels warm and comfortable, making it ideal for use in ready-to-eat and dining areas that do not have too much oil or long encounters with water, such as Island workbenches or breakfast table parts. Oak is still the material of choice, teak is more suitable for use around the sink, because it contains more grease, can be waterproof.

Solid wood countertops are best not used in an open fire environment, if you are used to using an induction cooker, you can choose. The warm solid wood has beautiful wood grain, suitable for use in a variety of styles of kitchen, even if the use of a large number of glass or stainless steel materials in the modern cold style kitchen, because of the addition of solid wood, will also be a little more warm feeling. Solid wood countertop natural antibacterial, relatively hygienic. If carefully maintained and sealed protection on time, the service life of solid wood countertops is very long. Be careful not to use it directly as a chopping board, or to radiate the pot directly on top, otherwise it will burn. Wood is easy to cut, suitable for irregular styling of the kitchen space.

The rough, rustic wood, with some natural knots and small blemishes on the surface, is popular in modern kitchen decorations.

Wooden kitchen countertops-laminate countertops features Scope of use: generally applicable to the dining area, sink area and cooking area. If you regularly use the table to prepare food or have children who like to help in the kitchen at home, the laminate countertop is a good choice because it is moisture-resistant, heat-resistant and scratching. The surface of the laminate can accurately mimic the surface patterns of other materials, such as granite, slate and wood, and the effect is realistic. Laminate countertops can even withstand scratches and chemical corrosion, and hard, smooth surfaces are easy to keep clean. If the table used as a chopping board to cut vegetables, to choose a thicker, in order to withstand greater pressure, to ensure the service life. Its substrate is the density plate, the surface is fireproof materials and decorative veneer, the need to use refractory plate veneer, PVC veneer, metal strip sealing edge to cover up the section of wood substrates, in the corner table knot Junction, lack of effective treatment means.