Wooden Kitchen Countertops - Solid Wood Countertops

- May 12, 2019-

The solid wood countertops feel warm and comfortable to touch, making them ideal for use in meal preparation areas and dining areas that do not have too much oil or have been exposed to water for long periods of time, such as island-shaped work benches or breakfast tables. Oak is still the material of choice, and teak is more suitable for use around the sink because it contains more grease and is waterproof. Solid wood countertops are best not to be used in an open flame environment. If you are used to using an induction cooker, you can choose.

The warm wood has beautiful wood grain and is suitable for use in a variety of styles of kitchen. Even in the modern cool style kitchen with a lot of glass or stainless steel, because of the addition of solid wood, it will feel a little warmer. Solid wood countertops are naturally antibacterial and relatively hygienic. If you insist on careful maintenance and seal protection on time, the life of solid wood countertops is very long. Be careful not to use it directly as a cutting board, or put the hot pot directly on it, otherwise it will burn. The wood is easy to cut and fits into an irregular kitchen space. Rough and rustic wood with some natural knots and small flaws on the surface is very popular in modern kitchen decor.