Wooden Countertops Some Of The Reminders

- May 03, 2019-

Wooden Countertops Some of the reminders:

1) If your dishwasher is installed under the wooden countertop, please install the protective plate under the operating table to enhance waterproof protection; Wood is not afraid of wet, just afraid of long time blisters, no one tube; sink words, it is recommended to use the table basin, so that will not soak to the edge of the table;

2) cutting vegetables, especially when chopping meat stuffing, be sure to use chopping board, can not be directly cut on the wooden table with a knife, otherwise there will be situations you do not want to see;

3) Wooden countertop can withstand the general chemicals, such as detergent, but strong corrosion, such as descaling solvents, bleach, oven cleaners, etc., if sprinkled on the top, please clear immediately;

4) do not put the hot pot directly on the wooden countertop, pad an insulating pad.

For people who like cabinets with wooden countertops, there may be such concerns, such as whether the wood countertop will crack, the price is outrageous, the wooden countertop cabinets are really not resistant, but it is definitely not paper paste, usually pay attention to protection, and will not appear more than other material countertops problems. Many people like solid wood countertop cabinets will use oak fingertips, white oak itself as furniture materials, there is a good hardness and toughness, finger treatment, stability will increase, and then the use of wood wax oil brush surface, waterproof performance is very good; the key price is not much higher than the table of other materials.