Why Use Epoxy Resin For Floor Paint?

- May 06, 2019-

From the molecular formula of the epoxy resin, it can be seen that the epoxy resin has the following advantages:

1. Because of the light base and ether bond, the paint film has excellent adhesion to concrete, wood, metal, plastic and other substrates;

2. Since there is no double bond, when the epoxy is subjected to ring-opening polymerization, the polymerized atoms can only be linked by covalent bonds, and the volume after polymerization is not greatly affected. However, for the unsaturated polyphenols, there are double bonds, and after polymerization, double The key is opened, and the covalent bond is combined, so that the atomic distance is reduced, thereby causing volume shrinkage, and internal stress due to volume shrinkage can adhere.

3, excellent chemical resistance, no phenolic bond, so the alkali resistance is very strong and the general oil or alkyd anti-rust primer will be alkaline when it is corroded at the cathode, and it will be destroyed by the epoxy resin. After the film is formed into a three-dimensional network structure, it is resistant to water, has good oil absorption performance and excellent acid and alkali resistance, so it is suitable for use in anti-corrosion places.

4, mechanical properties due to the existence of aromatic rings, so the paint film is hard; epoxy resin cross-linking distance is long and easy to rotate, and the ether bond is convenient for molecular bond rotation, so it has good toughness; and the phenolic resin cross-linking spacing is close, so More brittle.