Where Can We Apply Wood Preservatives On A Daily Basis?

- May 13, 2019-

The appearance of the anti-corrosion wood is very good, the texture is clear, the color is bright, and the post-processing is relatively simple, which can save a lot of trouble for the staff. The performance of the material is also relatively optimistic, anti-corrosion is a large characteristic of the material, in addition, it also has waterproof and moisture-proof, anti-termite insect-proof and so on. The use of anti-corrosion wood, the quality is reliable, and now many customers have very high requirements for material quality, quality and longevity will be longer, in order to reflect the greater value of the material itself. As for the price, this is also the customer's fancy, the cost of anti-corrosion wood is actually very low, high quality and reasonable price, it can be said that this is a very cost-effective material, so it has been recognized and trusted by many industries.

Nowadays, whether it is domestic or foreign, many construction industries, garden design industry, decoration industry, etc., all use anti-corrosion wood. It not only has the conditions for industry demand, but also greatly helps the development of the industry. For example, garden design, garden design is not only about design innovation, innovative effects, but also the need to be able to use the modern trend of materials, beautiful atmosphere, good practical performance, such garden design is in line with the needs and ideas of modern people.

That can be divided into several categories in the specific classification:

1. Various residential quarters, villas, gardens, outdoor leisure places, urban park construction, urban decoration, squares, docks, bridges and other fields.

2, mainly used in home balcony, garden, swimming pool, park, flower stand, wooden pavilion, anti-corrosion wooden house, wooden bridge, flower garden, outdoor furniture, outdoor floor, yacht deck, dock, bridge, guardrail, anti-corrosion pavilion, garden ancient building Wait.

3, mainly used in various construction, mining, marine, sea piles, poles, wooden pillows, furniture, wood cooling towers, gate wood, plywood, wood decoration materials, wood structure houses and other wood anti-corrosion, insect control, prevention Treatment of ants, etc.

4. Mainly used in water, soil or concrete.