Kitchen Wooden Countertop Knowledge

- May 03, 2019-

Close to nature, the kitchen often uses wood color to create a rustic style, in order to be completely intimate contact with nature, so pure wood has also begun to be used as a countertop, after processing into different beautiful shapes, while like oak, oak and other relatively hard wood is the first choice in all the table. This pure wood countertop is now popular in Europe and the US, but it is relatively rare in China. Kitchen Fire Board Table fully understand the small part of the words: there is a housewife said: "Wooden table in addition to a little soft surface, there is no problem." My home is the Red Pine Finger board to do the table, 12 years no deformation, there is no decay, is the color turned yellow, or that sentence: Wood is not afraid of wet, afraid of mishandling for a long time soak in the water.

” This is a carpenter on the internet to share, cement-built cabinets, wood to create cabinets counter, the real solid wood countertop, but not the whole piece of wood, refers to the plate material, really quite durable, also not afraid of scratches, dispelling all the use of safety concerns after taking a look at this kitchen,

Without the cold and abrupt marble or stainless steel countertop across the foot, is it feel soft and beautiful a lot? Many people do not believe that wood can also do the table, in fact, solid wood countertop is certainly there, Ikea mall there is a display of sales. In fact, even the simplest particleboard can also be used to create wood into wooden countertops, just to do a good sealing effect can be.

Because the particleboard is easy to swell with a water, but if the surface has a good paint film to prevent water from entering. Solid wood countertop process is more cumbersome, the countertop after installation to be varnish, the first time to apply a QI every day, the number of times is three times. Wait until after a period of time to apply again, after the words every year to re-Qi.

The price is higher, at more than 2000 per meter. Kitchen Fire Board Table fully understand the small part of the words: solid wood countertop can also be protected by the way of crystal soft glass, such as the use of Elm kitchen countertop, spread transparent crystal soft glass, you can have a clear wood grain effect.

Not that such rare countertops are only suitable for users who are extremely fond of taste and low kitchen utilization, it is more suitable for the kitchen Wu Modern urban housewives, love beautiful home, but also want a beautiful kitchen. Bamboo brings a good sense of touch and aesthetic experience, gentle and natural, and the appearance of each bamboo noodle is unique. Bamboo tactile experience and flexibility are quite good, the green concept of the promotion of the hearts of the people, in addition to bamboo mosaic structure technology has also made the fashion crowd quite interested.

Bamboo Cupboard counter, product selection of high-quality bamboo as raw materials, bamboo after strict high-temperature cooking, high-pressure carbonization treatment, constant temperature drying, deinking thoroughly, full carbonization, insecticidal sterilization, bamboo plate is made of a piece of pieces or a root bamboo by gluing the suppression of the square and plate used in the cabinet "face" bamboo cupboard counter. Fire board countertop can have a wooden countertop that is the visual sense, inside the substrate for the laminate or particleboard, outside in the sticker fire board, sealing edge treatment. Of course, sensibly said, the table material is an important part of the cabinet, each material has its short, but it is not difficult to choose, for example, your home to do the cabinet length of more than 2.4 meters, do not consider solid wood table, it is best to use artificial Shitai surface, because it stitching can be integrated.