How To Maintain The Wooden Kitchen Countertop Is Correct

- May 11, 2019-

1, Keep lubrication

Wood-based kitchen countertops should be oiled two to three times a year or as needed. Be careful when handling oily fabrics, as some oils can cause the fabric to ignite spontaneously if not properly cleaned. Follow the instructions provided. In the first year, you can frequently give oil to the wooden countertops, and slowly can be a little less in the long time.

2, Remove stains and scratches

Don't worry if you accidentally scratch or soil the wooden countertop. Small scratches and marks can usually be removed by light sanding and polishing. All good woodworking countertop suppliers offer a maintenance kit with sandpaper, polishing pads and maintenance oil. The great thing about wood countertops is that even if it's worn out, it can usually be polished back to its original state and repaired.

3. Protect the sink area

The sink is the area that requires the most care, but if you have used a lot of oil at the beginning and then lubricate it regularly, it won't be a problem. It is recommended that the bottom of the sink be well sealed around the basin to prevent water from entering below. If there is no other material around the pool area, you must be very careful and wipe the water clean once you use the sink. It will also be an area that is more oily than other areas of the kitchen.

4, Adhere to simple cleaning

According to experts, it is easy to stick to simple cleaning of wood quality countertops. Simply dry with soap and water to prevent water droplets on the surface of the countertop as much as possible. Do not use abrasive cleaners, scouring pads or concentrated soaps and detergents as this can damage the wood.

5, Prevent damage, increase protection

If you want to use the countertop for a long time, the key is to take care first. A large number of lightweight coatings work better than thick coatings because it allows the oil to dry and penetrate into the wood. This oil not only brings out the rich color of the wood, but also helps to create a waterproof and antifouling effect. Wooden countertops can be oiled, painted or impregnated by the manufacturer and each treatment requires a different treatment after installation. Oiled countertops are recommended as they can be easily maintained.