How To Classify Anti-corrosion Wood, What Are The Standards?

- May 14, 2019-

Anticorrosive wood ancient building

One: Evaluation criteria for the quality of preservative wood:

Safety: Wood preservatives and wood treated there are small to humans and animals, environmental pollution and the possibility of fire.

Effectiveness: Wood preservatives must be effective in preventing organisms from infusing wood.

Persistence: 1. Preservatives are not susceptible to chemical decomposition or bursting at room temperature. 2. The anti-loss property of the preservative or the water insolubility derived from itself

Since the preservative wood has good corrosion resistance, it is used more as a material for outdoor flooring. The floor made of anti-corrosion wood can effectively prevent microbial erosion and prevent insects, while being waterproof and anti-corrosive, so it can withstand the harsh environment of the outdoors without taking care. In addition to being made into flooring, anti-corrosion wood can also be used to make other outdoor items such as tables and chairs, swings, vines, and even Lanzhou preservative wood huts, which are common in our home gardens abroad. Nowadays, more and more people in the country have lived in villas. It is also a kind of fun to set up some anti-corrosion furniture in their yards.

Two: common anti-corrosion grade of anti-corrosion wood

0.4 (lb/ft3, depending on the application: 0.25, 0.6, 2.5, etc.)

Three: anti-corrosion grade

Anti-corrosion wood grade

Depending on the environment used: C1: Above the ground in the house, not affected by climate and moisture, used in interior construction and decorative home.

C2: Above the ground in the house, sometimes affected by humid water, not affected by the climate. Used in interior construction and decorative furniture.

C3: Outdoors above the ground, used outdoors to avoid long-term soaking.

C4: Outdoor contact with the ground or soil and near fresh water or difficult to replace or critical structural components. Used for fences, pillars, freshwater bridges, docks, wooden boats.

C5: Dip in salt water for salt water piers, column woods, wooden boats.

Anti-corrosion wood anti-fungal, anti-corrosion, anti-termite fire protection function according to national standards, earthquake resistance, seismic performance is extremely strong. Gansu Royal Garden Landscape is a landscape application of new building materials, anti-corrosion wood, which integrates technology, production, sales and installation. With the flourishing development of real estate, outdoor garden landscape is more and more integrated into our life, whether it is public. Leisure places, lakeside anti-corrosion boardwalks, preservative wood flower boxes, anti-corrosion wood houses, etc., without exception, are inseparable from wood preservatives. Because of the flexibility and compatibility of wood preservatives, it can meet different customer needs and terrain constraints.